Character Areas

High Hayden Garden Community has six character areas, each with a clearly defined character relating to the site’s context and surroundings.

Key Elements


This character area includes the main entrance, providing a clear sense of arrival to the site. The Avenue has a distinct linear character, reinforced by wide verges and avenue tree planting. Housing will be predominantly two and three storey, setback from public footpaths, with generous tree planting and landscaped verges. The tree lined avenue approach conserves and enhances the existing avenue of trees that can be seen along the Primary Road.


This character area will be typified by detached dwellings adjoining the wider countryside, generally served off private landscaped drives and inspired by villages to the east of Rushden. The area looks out over the countryside and will provide a lower density of detached and semi-detached houses, with some smaller terraces. Development in this area should maximise the views over the open countryside.



The housing will be simple and formal in a ‘perimeter block’ format reflecting the rectilinear layout of Rushden. Dwellings will be predominantly up to two storeys with bungalows grouped together. Tree planting will be located along shared surface streets.





This area will be typified by taller buildings arranged along a linear building line. Dwellings will be set back from the A6 by a large landscape buffer. Homes will be predominantly 2.5 and 3 storey dwellings and apartments. Access to properties will be via Green Lanes/Private Drives connecting to the internal road network. No direct access is provided from the A6.


The nature of a mixed-use centre lends itself to a shared space approach. Buildings will often be of mixed use and responsive to the required use. They can range in height from two storey to four storeys, dependant on location and use.




This area will encompass a variety of employment uses at different scales. Its location within the masterplan provides near direct access to the A6. Situated at the northern entry point into the development, it is important that buildings address their landmark position. Buildings in this area will take a number of different forms, possibly ranging from offices to warehouse buildings.

Character Areas

“We are incorporating high-quality and innovative approaches to architecture and design, making High Hayden Garden Community a desirable place to live, work and play.”